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Poster session schedule

Poster session 1 - Thursday 15th September

Pedro Ferreira da Costa

Normative modelling for brain growth and extracting knowledge from outliers

Pamela Villar Gonzalez

Can we predict language outcomes form EEG frequencies?

Itziar Lozano

Does attention to the mouth support word learning during the second
year of life?: A multimethod approach

Eleanor Braithwaite

Objective assessment of visual attention in toddlerhood

Emily Greenwood

How are patterns of parental vocalisations associated with infant
quieting after peak arousal events? Exploring optimal patterns of
maternal responsivity to infant dysregulation. A pre-registration poster

Tom Northrop

The role of increasing predictability in the development of hierarchical
event structuring.

Caoimhe Dempsey

It Takes Two to Tango: Individual, dyadic and context level factors
influencing unfamiliar peer cooperation

Yichen Jiang

Mutual Gaze during Parent-Child Interaction and Later Infant Social

Amsterdam Painting

Poster session 2 - Friday 16th September


Marzena Szkodo

Technologies used in diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental

Irzam Hardiansyah

Atypical infants' visual cortical organization during global motion
processing and its relation to later autism in toddlerhood

Hanna Halkola

Proband autism and ADHD traits associate with infant sibling
temperament development

Kloe Fico

ERP evidence of atypical face processing in young children at elevated likelihood for Autism Spectrum Disorder: a meta-analysis

Zsofia Belteki

Assessing language outcomes in infants with an elevated likelihood of
autism spectrum disorder: A comparison of parent versus clinician
administered questionnaires

Magdalena Szmytke

What drives the attention: the moving mouth or the speech? The study
of the attention shift in 5 and 10 month-old infants

Helena-Céline Stevelt

Parenting, infant social processing, and language development in rural

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